Christian Life

Adams, William - Thanksgiving: Memories of the Day, Helps to the Habit (1873)

William Adams, at the time the pastor of Madison Square Presbyterian Church in New York City, supplies his readers with pastoral meditations on the graces of contentment and gratitude - particularly fitting for that uniquely American holiday, Thanksgiving Day. With chapter titles like “Happy Mediocrity,” “The Blessedness of Tears,” “Christian Patriotism,” “Cheap Contentment,” and “American Nationality,” Adams seeks to help Christians (particularly those who live in America) learn the secret of contentment as laid out for us by the apostle Paul in Philippians 4:4-7.

Alexander, Archibald - Counsels of the Aged to the Young (1852)
                                              - Practical Truths (1857)

Alexander, James Waddel - Letters to a Younger Brother, on Various Subjects, Relating to the Virtues and Vices, Duties and Dangers of Youth (1838)
- Good - Better - Best; or, Three Ways of Making a Better World (1844)
                                                      - Consolation: In Discourses on Select Topics, Addressed to the Suffering People of Go (1852, 1864)

Brownlee, William Craig - Lights and Shadows of Christian Life: Designed for the Instruction of the Young (1837)

Cuyler, Theodore Ledyard - Pointed Papers for the Christian Life (1879)
                                                         - God's Light on Dark Clouds (1882)
                                                         - Beulah-Land; or, Words of Cheer For Christian Pilgrims (1896)
                                                         - Help and Good Cheer (1902)

Duffield, IV, GeorgeSpiritual Life: or, Regeneration (1832)

Gillett, Ezra Hall - Life Lessons in the School of Christian Duty (1864)

Green, AshbelQuestions and Counsel for Young Converts (1831)

Hotchkin, Beriah Bishop - Upward from Sin, Through Grace, to Glory (1869)

Lindsley, Philip - Improvement of Time: Two Discourses (1823)

Nevin, Alfred - Words of Comfort for Doubting Hearts (1867)

Miller, James Russell - Making the Most of Life (1891)
                                             - For a Busy Day: A Morning Prayer for a Busy or Troubled Week-Day (1895)
                                             - Go Forward (1908, 1909)

Palmer, Benjamin Morgan - The Antidote of Care (1855)
                                                        - Formation of Character (1889)
                                                        - The Broken Home: Lessons in Sorrow (1890)

Plumer, William Swan - Vital Godliness: A Treatise on Experimental and Practical Piety (1864)
                                                - A Word to the Weary (1874)

Proudfit, Alexander - Practical Godliness in Thirteen Discourses on the Duties of the Closet, and Family, and Sanctuary (1813)

Ramsey, James Beverlin - How Shall I Live? (1863)

Speer, Robert Elliott - A Christian's Habits (1911)

Sprague, William Buell - Hints Designed to Regulate the Intercourse of Christians (1834)

Spring, Gardiner - Essays on the Distinguishing Traits of Christian Character (1813)

Stratton, Sr., Joseph Buck - Confessing Christ: A Manual For Inquirers in Religion (1880)

Vass, Lachlan Cumming - Amusements and the Christian Life in the Primitive Church in Our Day (1884)

Zenos, Andrew Constantinides - The Teaching of Jesus Concerning Christian Conduct (1905)