Christian Life

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                                              - Practical Truths (1857)

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- Good - Better - Best; or, Three Ways of Making a Better World (1844)
                                                      - Consolation: In Discourses on Select Topics, Addressed to the Suffering People of Go (1852, 1864)

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                                                         - God's Light on Dark Clouds (1882)
                                                         - Beulah-Land; or, Words of Cheer For Christian Pilgrims (1896)
                                                         - Help and Good Cheer (1902)

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                                             - For a Busy Day: A Morning Prayer for a Busy or Troubled Week-Day (1895)
                                             - Go Forward (1908, 1909)

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                                                        - Formation of Character (1889)
                                                        - The Broken Home: Lessons in Sorrow (1890)

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