Samuel Miller (1769-1850)

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Samuel Miller is buried at Princeton Cemetery, Princeton, New Jersey.

Samuel Miller is buried at Princeton Cemetery, Princeton, New Jersey.

A Sermon Preached in New-York, July 4th, 1793. Being the Anniversary of the Independence of America ("Christianity the Grand Source and Surest Basis for Political Liberty") (1793)

A Sermon, Delivered in the New Presbyterian Church, New-York, July Fourth, 1795, Being the Nineteenth Anniversary of the Independence of America (1795)

Sketch of the Early History of the First Presbyterian Church (1796, 1937)

A Discourse Delivered April 12, 1797, at the Request of and Before the New-York Society For Promoting the Manumission of Slaves, and Protecting Such of Them as Have Been or May Be Liberated (1797)

A Sermon Delivered May 9, 1798, Recommended by the President of the United States to be observed as a Day of General Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer (1798)

A Thanksgiving Sermon Delivered February 5, 1799 (1799)

Letter From Samuel Miller to Thomas Jefferson dated March 4, 1800 (1800)

A Sermon, Delivered Before the New-York Missionary Society, at their Annual Meeting, April 6th, 1802 (1802)

A Brief Retrospect of the Eighteenth Century, Vol. 1 (1803)

A Brief Retrospect of the Eighteenth Century, Vol. 2 (1803)

The Guilt, Folly, and Sources of Suicide: Two Discourses (1805)

Letters Concerning the Constitution and Order of the Christian Ministry (1807, 1830)

On Novel Reading (from Samuel Miller’s A Brief Retrospect) (1808)

Review of a Sermon by Timothy Dwight, D.D. (1809)

A Continuation of Letters Concerning the Constitution and Order of the Christian Ministry (1809)

A Discourse Designed to Commemorate the Discovery of New-York by Henry Hudson (1810)

The Divine Appointment, the Duties, and the Qualifications of Ruling Elders; A Sermon (1811)

The Duty of the Church to Take Measures for Providing An Able and Faithful Ministry: A Sermon at the Inauguration of Archibald Alexander as Professor of Didactic and Polemic Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary (1812)

Memoirs of the Reverend John Rodgers, D. D. (1813)

The Difficulties and Temptations Which Attend the Preaching of the Gospel in Great Cities: A Sermon, Preached in the First Presbyterian Church, in the City of Baltimore, October 19, 1820, at the Ordination and Installation of the Reverend William Nevins (1820)

Letters on Unitarianism (1821)

A Letter to the Editor of the Unitarian Miscellany, in Reply to an Attack, by an Anonymous Writer in that Work, on a Late Ordination Sermon Delivered in Baltimore (1821)

Introduction to Samuel Bayard’s Letters on the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper (1822)

A Sermon, Delivered in the Middle Church, New Haven, Con. Sept. 12, 1822: at the Ordination of the Rev. Messrs. William Goodell, William Richards, and Artemas Bishop, as Evangelists and Missionaries to the Heathen (1822)

Thoughts on Lay Preaching (1823)

Letters on the Eternal Sonship of Christ (1823)

The Literary Fountains Healed (1823)

A Sermon, Delivered June Seventh, 1823, at the Opening of the New Presbyterian Church, in Arch Street, in the City of Philadelphia, For the Public Worship of God (1823)

A Sermon, Preached at Newark, October 22, 1823, Before the Synod of New Jersey, For the Benefit of the African School, under the Care of the Synod (1823)

The Utility and Importance of Creeds and Confessions (1824)

Letter regarding Christmas (1825)

Outline of the Introductory Lecture, Delivered at the Opening of the Present Session (1826)

The Evidence and Duty of Being on the Lord's Side (1826)

A Letter to a Gentleman of Baltimore (1826)

Christian Weapons Not Carnal, But Spiritual (1826)

Letters on Clerical Manners and Habits (1827)

Letter to the Freedom’s Journal (1827)

The Importance of the Gospel Ministry.  An Introductory Lecture (1827)

"Holding Fast the Faithful Word" - A Sermon on Titus 1:9 (1829)

The Importance of Mature Preparatory Study for the Ministry (1829)

The Rejection of Revealed Truth Referable to Moral Depravity (1830)

On the Use of Liturgies (1830)

Suggestions in Vindication of the Temperance Society (1831)

The Warrant, Nature, and Duties of the Office of the Ruling Elder (1831)

The Duty, the Benefits, and the Proper Method of Religious Fasting (1831)

The Importance of Gospel Truth (1832)

The Importance of a Thorough & Adequate Course of Preparatory Study for the Holy Ministry (1832)

Introductory Essay to John Holmes Agnew's Manual on the Christian Sabbath (1833)

Letters to Presbyterians, on the Present Crisis in the Presbyterian Church in the United States (1833)

Introductory Essay to Charles de Viller's An Essay on the Spirit and Influence of the Reformation (1833)

Plea For An Enlarged Ministry (1834)

Review of “Episcopacy Tested by Scripture” by Henry U. Onderdonk (1835)

Presbyterian Policy With Respect to Learning (1835)

The Earth Filled With the Glory of the Lord (1835)

The Importance of Domestic Happiness (1835)

Christ the Model of Gospel Ministers (1835)

The Good Man: A Sermon, in Memory of the Rev. George S. Woodhull (1835)

Letter on Temperance (1836)

Review of “Christian Union” by Abraham Van Dyck (1836)

The Most Suitable Name for the Christian Sabbath (1836)

Review of “Toleration: A Discourse” by Evan M. Johnson (1836)

Review of “The Practical Church Member” by John Mitchell (1836)

Presbyterianism the Truly Primitive and Apostolical Constitution of the Church of Christ (1836)

The Sacred Office Magnified (1836)

Christ Our Righteousness (1836)

Infant Baptism Scriptural and Reasonable: and Baptism by Sprinkling or Affusion, the Most Suitable or Edifying Mode (1837)

Lives of Jonathan Edwards and David Brainerd (1837)

Christian Assurance (1837)

A Brief History of the Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church at Princeton, New Jersey; Together With Its Constitution, By-Laws, &c. (1837, 1838)

The Importance of Peculiar Attention on the Part of Ministers of the Gospel to the Children of their Charge (1838)

The Dangers of Education in Roman Catholic Seminaries (1838)

Appendix to James Wharey’s Sketches of Church History, Concerning the History and Doctrine of the Waldensians (1838, 1840)

Review of “Bible Class Manual” by John McDowell (1839)

The Christian Education of Children and Youth (1840)

Memoir of the Rev. Charles Nisbet, D. D. (1840)

The Primitive and Apostolical Order of the Church of Christ Vindicated (1840)

Introductory Essay to the Articles of the Synod of Dort (1841)

Review of “The Life and Times of Red-Jacket” by William L. Stone (1842)

Letters from a Father to His Sons in College (1843)

The Warrant, Nature, and Duties of the Office of the Ruling Elder: A Sermon (1844)

Letters on the Observance of the Monthly Concert in Prayer (1845)

An Address Delivered Before the New Jersey Historical Society (1845)

Recommendatory Letter to “History of the Ancient Christians Inhabiting the Valleys of the Alps” (1845, 1847)

Thoughts on Public Prayer (1849)

Church Attachment and Sectarianism (1854)

The Worship of the Presbyterian Church (n.d.)

Published in the December 29, 1825 New York  Commercial Advertiser . Source: American Antiquarian Society

Published in the December 29, 1825 New York Commercial Advertiser. Source: American Antiquarian Society