George Duffield, IV (1794-1868)

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Judgment and Mercy: A Sermon, Delivered...On the Day of "Humiliation, Thanksgiving, and Prayer" (1820)

Spiritual Life: Or Regeneration (1832)

Evangelical Piety: A Fare-Well Discourse (1835)

A Sermon on American Slavery: Its Nature, and the Duties of Christians in Relation to It (1840)

The Death of Gen. William Henry Harrison, President of the United States; or, The Divine Rebuke (1841)

The Claims of "Episcopal Bishops," Examined in a Series of Letters (1842)

Dissertations on the Prophecies Relative to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (1842)

Millenarianism Defended (1843)

Faithful Rebuke, Not "Unreasonable Bitterness;" Shown in a Reply to the "Reverend Dr. Tyng's" Editorial Comments on the Pastoral Letter of the Synod of Michigan (1844)

The True Scholar: An Oration (1845)

The Faithful Christian: A Funeral Discourse, ... On Occasion of the Death of Robert Stuart, Esquire (1848)

The Divine Organic Law, Ordained for the Human Race; or, Capital Punishment for Murder Authorized by God and Sustained by Reason (1848)

The Veteran Hero: A Funeral Discourse...Hugh Brady (1851)

The American Patriot: An Eulogy, Delivered on Occasion of the Funeral Obsequies of Hon. Henry Clay (1852)

American Presbyterianism: A Sermon (1854)

Samson Shorn, and His Locks Renewed: or, The History of Spiritous Liquors in Pennsylvania (1855)

One Hundred Years Ago: An Historical Discourse...During the Centennial Celebration of the First Presbyterian Church of Carlisle, P.A. (1858)

Travels in the Two Hemispheres; or, Gleanings of a European Tour (1858)

Our National Sins to be Repented Of, and the Grounds of Hope for the Preservation of Our Federal Constitution and Union: A Discourse (1861)

A Thanksgiving Discourse: The Rule of Divine Providence Applicable to the Present Circumstances of Our Country (1861)

Humiliation and Hope: or, The Christian Patriot's Duty in the Present Crisis of Our National Affairs: A Discourse (1862)

The Nation's Wail: A Discourse (1865)

The Bible Rule of Temperance: Total Abstinence From All Intoxicating Drink (1868)