Henry Augustus Boardman (1808-1880)

Boardman, Henry Augustus photo.jpg

A Treatise on the Scripture Doctrine of Original Sin: With Explanatory Notes (1839)

The Intolerance of the Church of Rome (1844)

The Prelatical Doctrine of the Apostolical Succession Examined With a Delineation of the High-Church System (1844)

The Claims of Religion Upon Medical Men (1844)

The Importance of Religion to the Legal Profession (1849)

A Discourse Commemorative of the Character and Life of the Late Rev. Samuel Miller, D.D., of Princeton, New Jersey (1850)

A Discourse on the Life and Character of Daniel Webster (1852)

The Bible in the Family: or, Hints on Domestic Happiness (1852, 1869)

The Bible in the Counting-House: A Course of Lectures to Merchants (1853)

The Great Question: Will You Consider the Subject of Personal Religion? (1855)

God's Providence in Accidents: A Sermon Occasioned by the Deaths of the Rev. John Martin Connell, Mr. John Field Gillespie, and Mrs. Susan Gillespie, Three Victims of the Railroad Catastrophe at Burlington, New Jersey on the 29th Day of August, 1855 (1855)

A Word of Friendly Counsel to Young Men: A Sermon on the Death of George M. Ramsaur of North Carolina (1856)

Memorial of Cortlandt Van Rensselaer (1860)

A Sermon Commemorative of the Character and Life of Miss Margaret Latimer (1865)

The General Assembly of 1866 (1867)

Hymns of Praise (1867)

Address at the Obsequies of Mr. Singleton A. Mercer (1867)

Earthly Suffering and Heavenly Glory: With Other Sermons (1878)

Discourses Commemorative of the Life and Work of Charles Hodge, D.D., LL.D. (1879)

Mottoes For the New Year, as Given in Texts of Sermons (1882)

The Almost Christian (n.d.)