James Russell Miller (1840-1912)

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Woman's Ministry, and Other Papers (1875)

Week-Day Religion (1880)

Home-Making (1882)

Silent Times: A Book to Help in Reading the Bible Into Life (1886)

Practical Religion: A Help for the Common Days (1888)

Making the Most of Life (1891)

Mary of Bethany: A Talk to Christian Young Women (1891, 1903)

Girls: Faults and Ideals (1892)

The Every Day of Life (1892)

Young Men: Faults and Ideals (1893)

Glimpses Through Life's Windows (1893)

The Building of Character (1894)

Secrets of Happy Home Life: What Have You to Do With It? (1894)

Family Prayers for Thirteen Weeks (1895)

Dr. Miller's Year Book: A Year's Daily Readings (1895)

The Blessing of Cheerfulness (1895)

Life's Byways and Waysides (1895)

The Hidden Life (1895)

For a Busy Day: A Morning Prayer for a Busy or Troubled Week-Day (1895)

A Gentle Heart (1896)

Things to Live For (1896)

Personal Friendships of Jesus (1897)

In His Steps: A Book for Young Christians (1897)

By the Still Waters: A Meditation on the Twenty-Third Psalm (1897, 1898)

The Joy of Service (1898)

Young People's Problems (1898)

The Secret of Gladness (1898, 1899)

Strength and Beauty (1899)

The Ministry of Comfort (1901)

The Upper Currents (1902)

In Perfect Peace (1902)

Our New Edens (1903)

The Lesson of Love (1903)

The Old and New: Two Sermons Preached in St. Paul's Church, Philadelphia (1903)

The Face of the Master (1903)

Finding the Way (1904)

When the Song Begins (1905)

The Blossom of Thorns (1905)

The Beauty of Kindness (1905)

The Master's Blesseds: A Devotional Study of the Beatitudes (1905)

Morning Thoughts for Every Day in the Year (1906)

For the Best Things (1907)

Glimpses of the Heavenly Life (1907, 1908)

Devotional Hours With the Bible, Vol 1. - From the Creation to the Crossing of the Red Sea (1908)

Go Forward (1908, 1909)

The Gate Beautiful (1909)

Devotional Hours With the Bible, Vol. 2 - From the Crossing of the Red Sea to the Close of David's Life (1909)

Devotional Hours With the Bible, Vol. 3 - The Gospel by Matthew (1909)

Devotional Hours With the Bible, Vol. 4 - Solomon to Malachi (1910)

The Beauty of Self-Control (1911)

The Joy of the Lord (1911)

Devotional Hours With the Bible, Vol. 5 - Readings in the Synoptic Gospels on the Life of Christ (1911)

The Book of Comfort (1912)

The Home Beautiful (1912)

Devotional Hours With the Bible, Vol. 6 - Readings From the Psalms (1912)

Finding God's Comfort (1913)

Things that Endure (1913)

The Glory of the Commonplace (1913)

The Devotional Life of the Sunday School Teacher (1913)

Devotional Hours With the Bible, Vol. 8 - Readings in the Acts, the Epistles and Revelation (1913)

Paul's Message for To-Day (1914)