Julia McNair Wright (1840-1903)

Biography (Wikipedia)

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Almost a Nun (1868)

The New York Bible-Woman (1869)

George Wishart (1870)

John Knox (1870)

Martin Luther (1870)

Queen Margaret (1870)

John Calvin (1870)

Renée (1870)

William Tyndale (1870)

Baxter (1870)

John Huss (1870)

Coligni (1870)

Almost a Priest: A Tale That Deals in Facts (1870)

Westward: A Tale of American Emigrant Life (1870)

Priest and Nun (1870)

A Million Too Much: A Temperance Tale (1871, 1886)

Saints and Sinners of the Bible (1872)

Secrets of the Convent and Confessional: The Influence and Workings of Papacy Upon Society and Republican Institutions (1873)

Romain Kalbris: His Adventures By Sea and Shore (trans. 1873)

The Early Church in Britain: Its Faith and Works (1875)

Patriot and Tory: One Hundred Years Ago, A Tale of the Revolution (1876)

Twelve Noble Men (1879)

The Complete Home: An Encyclopedia of Domestic Life and Affairs, Embracing all the Interests of the Household (1879, 1889)

The Oath-Keeper of Forano: A Tale of Italy and Her Evangel (1881)

Among the Alaskans (1883)

Roland’s Daughter: A Nineteenth-Century Maiden (1885)

In Black and Gold: A Story of Twin Dragons (1887)

Nature Readers: Sea-Side and Way-Side, No. 1 (1887, 1896)

Nature Readers: Sea-Side and Way-Side, No. 2 (1888, 1889)

Nature Readers: Sea-Side and Way-Side, No. 3 (1888, 1894)

The Captain’s Bargain (1889)

Adam’s Daughters (1892)

On a Snow-Bound Train: A Winter’s Tale (1893)

The House on the Beach (1893)

A New Samaritan: The Story of an Heiress (1895)

Ladies’ Home Come Book: A Complete Cook Book and Manual of Household Duties (1896)

The Cardiff Estate: A Story (1897)

Astronomy: The Sun and His Family (1898)

Botany: The Story of Plant Life (1898)

Toward the Glory Gate: A Story of Soul Growth (1898)

A Boy of To-Day (1898)

The Fourth Eclogue of Virgil (1898)

Studies in Hearts (1902)