Adams, William - Christianity the End and Unity of All Sciences and Pursuits: An Address (1847)

William Adams, then pastor of Central Presbyterian Church in New York City, addressed the alumni of his alma mater, Yale University, to argue that Christianity is foundational to all knowledge and intellectual endeavors. He sums up his point in this manner: “[The cross of Christ] is the one fact which is central to all other facts; the one knowledge which is ultimate to all other departments of knowledge. We announce it here not merely as the Sabbath-day religion of the pulpit; but as a great intellectual truth before an university of scholars, that the true philosophia prima is the knowledge of Christ; that the only object which gives relationship, harmony, unity, connection, to all this world's affairs, is the grand purpose of God to diffuse a stable and substantial happiness over the world, through the all-pervading beneficence of Christianity, as the central power; and consequently, that our true interest and duty, in all the variety of our pursuits, is to devote ourselves to the service of our race, in seeking to make the world better.”

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