Inaugural Addresses

Adger, John Bailey - Inaugural Discourse on Church History and Polity (1858)

Agnew, John Holmes - Inaugural Address, Delivered at the Opening of Newark College (1834)

Aiken, Charles Augustus - Inaugural Address at Union College (1870)

Alexander, Archibald - Inaugural Discourse at Princeton Theological Seminary (1812)

Alexander, James WaddelDiscourses at the Inauguration of the Rev. James W. Alexander, D.D., as Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Church Government in the Theological Seminary at Princeton (1850)

Beattie, Francis Robert - Christian Apologetics: Inaugural Address (1890)

Briggs, Charles AugustusAddress by Rev. Charles A. Briggs, D.D. on Occasion of His Inauguration as Davenport Professor of Hebrew and the Cognate Languages in the Union Theological Seminary, New York City (1876)
                                                      - The Authority of Holy Scripture: An Inaugural Address (1891)

Burrowes, George - The Sacred Scriptures and Pagan Mythology: An Inaugural Address (1851)

DeWitt, John - Church History as Science, as Theological Discipline, and as a Mode of the Gospel: An Inaugural Discourse (1883)

Edwards, Jonathan - Addresses Delivered at the Inauguration of the Revd. Jonathan Edwards, D.D., LL.D., as Professor of Didactic and Polemic Theology in Danville Theological Seminary (1878)

Elliott, David - An Inaugural Address (1830)

Green, William Henry - Discourses at the Inauguration of William Henry Green (1851)

Greene, Jr., William Brenton - Inauguration of William Brenton Greene, Jr., D.D. (1893)
                                                             - The Function of the Reason in Christianity: Inaugural Address (1893)

Hall, William Thomas - Theology the Science of Religion (1896)

Halsey, Leroy Jones and Lewis, Nathan Lewis - Inaugural Addresses at the Opening of the Presbyterian Theological Seminary of the North West, Chicago, Illinois (1860)

Hays, George Price - Inaugural Address of Rev. Geo. P. Hays, at His Induction into the Office of President of Washington and Jefferson College (1870)

Hemphill, Charles Robert - Christ’s Testimony to the Mosaic Authorship of the Pentateuch: Inaugural Address Delivered September 18, 1883 (1884)

Hill, Daniel Harvey - College Discipline: An Inaugural Address (1855)

Hodge, Jr., Caspar Wistar - The Significance of the Reformed Theology Today (1921)

Janeway, Jacob Jones - Inaugural Address at Western Theological Seminary (1828, 1858)

Jacobus, Sr., Melancthon Williams - A Plea for the Critical Study of the Scriptures Against Romanism and Rationalism: A Discourse (1852)

Johnson, Thomas Cary - The Tenent of Jure Divino Presbyterian Polity (1893)

Junkin, George - Two Addresses, Delivered at Oxford, Ohio, on the Occasion of the Inauguration of Rev. Geo. Junkin, D.D., as President of Miami University (1841)
                                 - Christianity the Patron of Literature and Science (1849)

Livingston, John Henry - Inaugural Oration on The Truth of Christianity (1785)

Loetscher, Sr., Frederick William - Church History as a Science and as a Theological Discipline (1915)

Machen, John Gresham - History and Faith (1915)

McClure, Sr., James Gore King - Exercises in Connection with the Inauguration of James G.K. McClure, D.D. LL. D. as President of McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, Illinois (1906)
- Historical Address Delivered at the Inauguration of Herbert McComb Moore as President of Lake Forest University (1921)

McGill, Alexander Taggart - Discourses at the Inauguration of the Rev. Alexander T. M'Gill, D.D. (1854)

McMaster, Erasmus Darwin - A Discourse Delivered November 7th, 1838, on the Occasion of the Author’s Inauguration as President of Hanover College, Indiana (1838)

McPhail, George Wilson - Inaugural Address (1858)

Miller, Samuel - The Duty of the Church to Take Measures for Providing An Able and Faithful Ministry: A Sermon at the Inauguration of Archibald Alexander (1812)

Morris, Edward DafyddInaugural Discourses, of Professors Morris and Nelson, Delivered at Lane Theological Seminary (1868)

Morrison, Sr., Robert Hall - The Inaugural Address of the Rev. R.H. Morrison, D.D. (1838)

Patton, Francis Landey - Addresses at the Induction of Rev. Francis L. Patton into “The Cyrus H. McCormick Professorship of Didactic and Polemic Theology,” in the Presbyterian Theological Seminary in the North-West (1873)
- Inaugural Address at Princeton College (1888)

Plumer, William Swan - Addresses Delivered at the Inauguration of Rev. Wm. S. Plumer, D.D. as Professor of Didactic and Pastoral Theology in the Western Theological Seminary (1854)
- The Right Temper for a Student of God's Word - Inaugural Address at Columbia Theological Seminary (1868)

Purves, George Tybout - Inauguration of George Tybout Purves, D.D. (1892)

Reed, Richard Clark - How to Make Our Brief Course in Church History Most Profitable: Inaugural Address (1899)

Rice, John Holt - Inaugural Discourse at Union Theological Seminary (1824)

Roberts, William HenryAddresses Delivered at the Lane Theological Seminary, of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., on the Occasion of the Inauguration of the Rev. William H. Roberts, D.D., as Professor of Practical Theology (1887)

Skinner, Sr., Thomas Harvey - The Elements of Power in Public Speaking: An Address (1833)

Stowe, Calvin EllisThe Right Interpretation of the Sacred Scriptures: The Helps and Hindrances: An Inaugural Discourse (1853)

Vos, Geerhardus - Inauguration of the Rev. Geerhardus Vos, Ph.D., D.D., as Professor of Biblical Theology (1894)

Warfield, Benjamin Breckinridge - Inauguration of Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield at Western Seminary (1880)
                                                                       - Inauguration of Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield at Princeton Seminary (1888)

Warfield, Ethelbert Dudley - Inauguration of Ethelbert Dudley Warfield, A.M., LL.B, as President of Miami University (1889)

Wilson, Robert DickThe Lower Criticism of the Old Testament as a Preparation for the Higher Criticism: Inaugural Address of ... Robert Dick Wilson ... as Professor of Semitic Philology and the Old Testament Criticism: Princeton Theological Seminary, September 21, 1900 (1901)

Woodrow, James - Inaugural Address at Columbia Seminary (1862)

Yeomans, John William - Inaugural Address at LaFayette College (1841)