John Hall (1829-1898)

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Sermons Preached Before the Congregation of the Presbyterian Church, Corner of Fifth Avenue and Nineteenth Street, at the 'Memorial Services' October 9, 1859, Appointed in Reference to the Death of Their Late Pastor, James Waddel Alexander, D.D. (1859)

Family Prayers, For Four Weeks (1868)

Successful Preaching: Address to Theological Students (1870)

Papers for Home Reading (1871)

Questions of the Day (1873)

The American Evangelists: D.L. Moody and Ira D. Sankey, in Great Britain and Ireland (1875)

God's Word Through Preaching (1875)

Preparing to Teach: For Study by Sabbath-School Teachers and Training Classes (1875)

Familiar Talks to Boys (1876)

A Christian Home: How to Make and How to Maintain It (1883)

Four Lectures on the Religious Use of Property (1883)

Rejectors of God’s Word (1883)

Preaching to the Children (1883)

Installation Service (John Hall Magowan) - Charge to the People (1883)

A Popular Ministry (1883)

A Consecrated Church (1883)

Side Lines of Ministerial Labor No. 1 (1883)

Side Lines of Ministerial Labor No. 2 (1883)

Installation Service (John Hall Magowan) - Charge to the Pastor (1884)

God’s Chosen Witnesses (1885)

The True Inspiration of Life (1885)

The World’s Best: Vanity (1885)

The Relation of the Pastor to Missions (1886)

“Free Church” or Rented Pews (1886)

True Freedom (1886)

Speaking and Eloquence (1886)

Believing and Confessing (1886)

Self-Preservation in the Church (1887)

Bible Evidence (1887)

The True and the False (1887)

Trust and Beneficence (1887)

Pulpit Truths For the Times (1887)

Thoughts For a Communion Sabbath Morning (1887)

God’s Institutions Man’s Best Gifts (1887)

Preachers and Their Subject (1887)

Genuine Benevolence and Its Reward (1888)

Points on Temperance (1888)

Thoughts on the Old Year and the New (1889)

The Uses of History (1889)