History isn't dead. Primary sources aren't dry and dusty. American Presbyterians aren't irrelevant.

And therefore, Log College Press aims to collect and reprint the writings of and about American Presbyterians from the 18th and 19th centuries. We are motivated by the conviction that as Christians in the present take root backward toward the past, we will bear fruit forward in the future for the glory of God and the kingdom of Jesus.

From its humble beginnings in the early 18th century, Presbyterianism in America has been committed to an educated ministry that would be able to teach God's truth to God's people. Presbyterian pastors and teachers not only preached from pulpits and taught in classrooms, they also wrote books, pamphlets, newspaper and journal articles, and letters. Many of these writings have been reprinted in the modern era, but more have been forgotten or are hidden away in libraries. With the advent of digital archiving, a great amount of the teaching of our spiritual forefathers is easily accessible. The Log College Press website seeks to bring together in one place as much of the extant digital Presbyterian literature as possible. Lord willing, we hope to publish edited reprints, topical anthologies, and perhaps even secondary literature about 18th-19th century American Presbyterianism, with the prayer that it will benefit the 21st century church.