Alexander Proudfit - Thirteen Discourses on Godliness

Log College Press features not only work from mainline Presbyterians but also from American Dissenting Presbyterians, which include the ARP, RPCNA and Associate Church, among these is Alexander Proudfit one of the most prolific writers the Associate Reformed produced. He was a wonder devotional writer, as well as an expert and a notable anti-Slavery Advocate. In the day of Alexander Proudfit the question of how to live a life of devotion would be just as key as today, Proudfit desiring to see people live holier lives. Proudfit would preach and publish thirteen discourses on the subject of practical Godliness. Proudfit clearly informs believers about their duties in the church, in the home as well as in private devotion. A simple reading of these discourses would help any believer, live a more profitable life in an incredibly difficult world.

Proudfit in his discourses approaches religious duties with a warm pastoral heart, and offers simple practical advice to Christians that is truly timeless. Perhaps the church more than ever the American Church struggles with simple devotion to God, and following after Christ, Proudfit provides the simple answers in his book of discourses. He is also from the ARP which provides an important glimpse into the piety, and historical devotion of the ARP Church. Whether to grow in a knowledge of Christ or to become better aquainted with the ARP and one of her most prolific writers Proudfit’s Practical Godliness will not disappoint.