Annals of the American Pulpit Volume 9

As far as interesting, and helpful works go, William B. Sprague’s Annals of the American Pulpit can’t be beat. Volume 9 of this epic work, arguably is the most interesting and diverse of all. It contains in it records of the Lutherans, Reformed Dutch, Associate, Associate Reformed, and Reformed Presbyterian pulpits. If one is interested in the history of the various Reformed Churches in America, this volume gives you a lot of chew on. It contains lots of valuable information on the Dutch Reformed Church, as well as the Scottish-American Dissenting Presbyterians. It has biographies in it of many authors listed on Log College including, John Anderson, William Marshall, Alexander McLeod and James Renwick Willson. This volume is a helpful reference but also a great starting point to get a picture of the American Reformed movement broadly. Perhaps the volume’s most moving part is the devotion and piety which many of the ministers had which is recorded for posterity as an example. May we take up and read!