William Swan Plumer's The Rock of Our Salvation is Well Worth Your Time

If you are looking for a work on the person and work of Jesus Christ, don't overlook The Rock of Our Salvation (1867), by William Swan Plumer. This 500-page tome is theologically robust and devotionally affective. A simple survey of the Table of Contents should whet your appetite for the rich fare you'll find within:

1. Christ All in All
2. The Divinity of Christ
3. The Sonship of Christ
4. The Incarnation of Christ
5. The Messiahship of Jesus of Nazareth
6. Christ the Mediator
7. Christ a Prophet
8. The Priesthood of Christ
9. Christ a King
10. Christ's Humiliation
11. General Views of Christ's Work
12. Redemption in Christ
13. The Atonement
14. The Folly of Objecting to the Atonement
15. Christ's Resurrection
16. Christ's Ascension and Session
17. Christ in Heaven
18. Christ's Personal Absence From This World
19. Christ on the Judgement Seat
20. Christ the Good Shepherd
21. Christ a Physician
22. The Gentleness of Christ
23. Christ Shall Yet Have a Glorious Reward
24. The Gospel of Christ is Hid From Some
25. The Sin and Danger of Not Believing in Christ
26. The Reproach of Christ
27. Conclusion

If you've never read Plumer before, you're in for a treat!