Read the sermons of Samuel Stanhope Smith, President of Princeton University from 1795-1812

A student and son-in-law of John Witherspoon, Samuel Stanhope Smith was the founder of Hampden-Sydney College, and the seventh president at the College of Ner Jersey (modern day Princeton University). He was a teacher of Scottish Common Sense Realism.

His two volumes of published sermons contains:

Volume 1

I. Felix trembling before Paul.
II. On the Parable of the Prodigal Son
III. Repentance of the Prodigal
IV. Return of the Prodigal to his Father
V. On swearing in Common Conversation
VI. To a good man the day of death preferable to the day of birth
VII. The recompense of the Saints in Heaven
VIII. On Slander
IX. On Redeeming time
X. The giving of the Law on Mount Sinai
XI. A discourse on the guilt and folly of being ashamed of religion
XII. A discourse on the nature and danger of small Faults
XIII. On Charity, 259 XIV. Paul pleading before Agrippa
XV. Desire of the apostle to depart and be with Christ
XVI. Religion necessary to National Prosperity
XVII. The Original Trial and the Fall of Man, or the first sin and its consequences
XVIII. On the Love of praise
XIX. On Ruling Sin

Volume 2

I. History of the Golden Calf
II. Patriotism
III. On the Being of God
IV. On Divine Providence
V. On Christian vigilance and preparation for death
VI. The promised seed of the woman: or, the power of evil destroyed by Jesus Christ
VII. Trust in God
VIII. On Devotion
IX. Immortality clearly revealed
X. The progress of Vice
XI. History of Moses
XII. The love of God in giving his son for the redemption of the world
XIII. On the Nativity
XIV. Life of the Patriarch Abraham
XV. On Reading
XVI. On Fashionable amusements
XVII. On Fashionable amusements, No. II
XVIII. The Imperfection of our Knowledge
XIX. The History of Moses
XX. On the fear of Man
XXI. The excuses for not entering at present on a religious life, vain and absurd
XXII. On a wrong Conscience
XXni. Dangers of a wrong Conscience
XXIV. The perfection of christian morals
XXV. The christian passover, or dispositions proper for the Lord's table