16 (really good) questions for self-examination, by William Swan Plumer

1. Do you sincerely desire to know and to do your duty, and how do you evince your sincerity?

2. Do you endeavor to keep the Sabbath? Do you regularly and seasonably attend on the public worship of the congregation? Do you endeavor to BE STILL; to be attentive; frequently to lift up your heart to God during the service; to sing with the spirit, and the understanding, making melody in your heart?

3. Are you always in your place at the Lord’s table? Have all your children been baptized? How are you fulfilling your covenant engagements?

4. Do you daily worship God in your family?

5. Have you a Bible of your own? Do you daily read it? How often have you read it through? Do you assent to every part that it is good?

6. Do you statedly pray in private? Why do you pray? For what? What is the general character of your prayers?

7. What good book are you reading? What is your object? Have you thought of the influence of the press upon public morals? Do you support the religious press?

8. What are you doing to support and spread the Gospel? What is the state of religion in different parts of the world?

9. Do you speak evil of none? Do you suppress evil reports? Do you promote peace and friendly feelings in your neighborhood? Do you speak the truth? Do you keep your word? Do you pay your debts? Are you strictly honest? Do you relieve the poor? In all companies and places do you give and get all the benefit you can?

10. Do you pray for your brethren in the church? Do you rejoice in their spiritual and temporal welfare? Do you give and accept Christian reproof? Do you wish to correct your faults?

11. What station do you hold in the family? How do you discharge the duties of your station?

12. Do you guard against pride, selfishness, covetousness, anger, moroseness, levity, discouragements? Against a contentious, censorious, unforgiving, discontented temper?Against improper companions, books, songs, sights, amusements? Against intemperance, idleness, impurity? Would fasting assist you in mortifying the flesh? How have you profited by afflictions? How do you bear prosperity?

13. What value do you put upon time? What is the great end of life? What is the great end of yours? For what will any fellow-creature have reason to bless you in eternity? How would you, a hundred years hence, wish you had spent your present life?

14. Are you doing anything, of the lawfulness of which you are not satisfied?

15. In conclusion, what evidence have you that you are a Christian? Do you love all Christians? Do you desire to requite evil with good? When you see others transgressing the divine law, does it give you pain? Are you more afraid of displeasing God than man? Would you rather suffer than sin? Does your sorrow for sin continue even after you hope you have been forgiven? Are you willing to have your sanctification promoted by any means?

16. How do you know that you are growing in grace? Do you feel more deeply your need of Christ? Do you confide in him? Have you more of a child-like spirit? Do you live near to God? Do you feel an increasing interest in the prosperity of his church? Do you find a growing thirst for divine truth? Have you a greater longing after holiness? Do you groan more painfully under the burden of indwelling sin? Is your devotion to God more fixed and entire? Are you conscious of an increasing willingness to sacrifice even the dearest things to his will?