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We at Log College Press are thankful for you, our readers. It is for you that, beginning in 2017, we have assembled a growing body of works by 18th and 19th century American Presbyterians for your reading pleasure. We have so far accumulated on our site over 500 such works, and the number continues to grow. The list includes works by colonial, Northern, Southern, Reformed Presbyterian, Associate Reformed Presbyterian, and other branches of the Presbyterian family. 

Additionally, in 2017, we published two booklets: 1) Thomas Dwight Witherspoon, The Five Points of Presbyterianism: The Distinctives of Presbyterian Church Government; and 2) C.W. Grafton, A Forty-Three Year Pastorate in a Country Church. A new booklet containing the inauguration addresses of William Swan Plumer, Christ All in All: The Right Temper of a Theologian, is coming out soon, and more publications are planned. We desire to publish quality works that have been overlooked in the last 150+ years. There are many to choose from, and we are interested in your input and feedback as we consider future publications. 

The costs associated with website maintenance and book production are not negligible, and if the free materials and blog posts that we provide are of interest to you, we would be grateful for your contributions to the work that we are doing. If you are interested in helping to build this project to its fullest potential, please visit this page to learn more about crowdfunding the work of the Log College Press. Thank you for your interest, and your support, whether that is through prayer or by financial contributions or otherwise. We are grateful!