A Forty-Three Year Pastorate in a Country Church for Sale Now!

If you've never heard of Cornelius Washington Grafton, do yourself a favor and buy his autobiographical address found in this booklet. He pastored the same church in rural Mississippi for 61 years, and at the 43-year mark he was elected Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States. This booklet was his Moderator's Address. The country is not the flashiest place to minister, nor is it in vogue to pastor the same congregation for a prolonged period of time. Yet Grafton shows us the fruitfulness that can come from a lengthy ministry in the country. 

Buy The Five Points of Presbyterianism and A Forty-Three Year Pastorate in a Country Church now!

The first two publications of Log College Press are now available! The Five Points of Presbyterianism: The Distinctives of Presbyterian Church Government, by Thomas Dwight Witherspoon, and A Forty-Three Year Pastorate in a Country Church, by Cornelius Washington Grafton, are now available here. These booklets are $3.99 each, and shipping is 99 cents no matter how many copies you order. Witherspoon's work is a succinct explanation of Presbyterianism, perfect for officer training and anyone who wants to understand one of the main things that distinguishes Presbyterian churches from other gospel churches. Grafton's booklet is an autobiographical narrative of his incredibly long pastorate in Union Church, Mississippi. Both are great reads. Buy them today!