James McLeod Willson on the Nature, Duties, and Exercise of the Office of Deacon

James McLeod Willson was a Reformed Presbyterian pastor in Philadelphia, PA, when in 1841 he wrote The Deacon: An Inquiry into the Nature, Duties, and Exercises of the Office of the Deacon in the Christian ChurchIn Willson's day, many Presbyterian churches did not have deacons, much to his lament. In this 75 page book Willson establishes that the office of deacon is a biblical office, explains the nature of the office from the Scriptures and church history, challenges various substitutes that had been erected in his day for the diaconate, and finally explained how the deacons related to elders in the Session and other church courts. There aren't as many resources on the office of the deacon as there could be, so we are glad to be able to bring to light this forgotten book.