A Daughter of the Covenant

If you have read James McDonald Chaney's William the Baptist and its sequel, Agnes, the Daughter of William the Baptist, consider in a similar vein a novel by Littleton Purnell Bowen: A Daughter of the Covenant: A Tale of Louisiana (1901). This is a story that is largely about the covenant blessings of baptism. Though like Chaney's works, it is a didactic narrative that instructs, Bowen's novel is told as a tale that stands on its own merits. Set in bayou country, the reader will follow the La Fontaine and D'Arbonne families as their Huguenot history sets the stage for all that follows in the life of Mary La Fontaine, daughter of the covenant. There is romance, adventure, and poetry in this tale as the blessings of the covenant are unfolded. 

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James McDonald Chaney, the author of William the Baptist, wrote a sequel

Many have read James Chaney's book William the Baptistpublished in 1877I didn't realize until last night (thank you, R. Andrew Myers!) that he wrote a sequel in 1894: Agnes, the Daughter of William the Baptist - or, The Young Theologian. It's written in a similar style to William the Baptist, combining narrative and dialogue, and looks like a great read.