Caryl's Gems

Joseph Caryl (1602-1673) was a renowned English Independent Puritan and Westminster Divine whose exposition of the Book of Job is legendary for both its spiritual piety and exhaustive size (12 vols.), drawn from his sermons. Of this invaluable work, Charles Spurgeon once wrote: 

Caryl must have inherited the patience of Job to have completed his stupendous task. It would be a mistake to suppose that he is at all prolix or redundant; he is only full. In the course of his expounding he has illustrated a very large portion of the whole Bible with great clearness and power. He is deeply devotional and spiritual. He gives us much, but none too much.

Caryl's exposition was reprinted in full (facsimile) by Dust & Ashes Publications in 2001, and it remains the fullest exposition of Job ever produced. But it's very size can be daunting to the Bible students of any century. 

In the mid-19th century, the English Independent divine Ingram Cobbin (1777-1851) combed through Caryl's exposition and selected gems arranged in the order of the books of the Bible. His one-volume work was titled Caryl's Bible Thoughts, and this work was republished in 1995 by Soli Deo Gloria Publications under the title Bible Thoughts

On the other side of the pond, the American Presbyterian clergyman Joel Edson Rockwell (1816-1882) also produced a one-volume collection of gems from Caryl's exposition, along with a fine personal and biographical introduction. These quote-gems are arranged topically (not unlike I.D.E. Thomas' The Golden Treasury of Puritan Quotations), which is very helpful for the reader. The title of Rockwell's volume is Seed Thoughts, or, Selections From Caryl's Exposition of Job (1869). 

This work by Rockwell is little-known today, but very much worth the read. Caryl's gems provide seeds for further thoughts. Download this book and cultivate these seed thoughts that spiritual flowers may grow.