Sermons on the Christian Life by John DeWitt

John DeWitt (1842-1923) was an highly-regarded pastor, and professor, who graduated from Princeton and served on the faculties of several theological seminaries, including Princeton. Church history was one of his specialties, but he was not just a scholar; he was a tender-hearted pastor who preached the gospel to his flock, along with lessons about many aspects of the Christian journey. His Sermons on the Christian Life (1885) bears this out. Take a look at the table of contents (and then download this work) of these 27 sermons for a glimpse into 19th century Presbyterian experimental piety. 

I. Man's Danger in Sudden and Disappointing Transitions
II. The Persistence of the Christian Character
III. The Completion of Man in Christ
IV. The Universality of the Christian Benevolence
V. The Christian Casuistry
VI. The Gain of the Christian in Christ's Departure
VII. The Sanctification of the Secular Life
VIII. The Gospel a Hope
IX. The Burden of the Body
X. The Relations of Religion and Business
XI. The Value of a Religious Atmosphere
XII. The Cost of Discipleship
XIII. The Christian Contentment
XIV. The Earthly Life Viewed From Heaven
XV. The Heavenly Life Viewed From Earth
XVI. The Transformation of the Outward Life
XVII. The Christian Name
XVIII. Christianity a Religion of Joy
XIX. Keeping in the Love of God
XX. The Light Granted in Darkness
XXI. Praying the More Because Doubting
XXII. Casting Anxiety on God
XXIII. The Foundation and the Building
XXIV. The Reward of Love
XXV. The Judgment of the Spiritual Man
XXVI. The Relations of Hope and Purity
XXVII. Christ a Gift, Not a Debt