Jonathan Dickinson, early Presbyterian & first President of Princeton University, wrote a lot that we've forgotten about.

One purpose of Log College Press is to rediscover books that were once well known, and have over the passage of time become unknown. Most students of American Presbyterianism recognize the name of Jonathan Dickinson, one of the earliest Presbyterians, and a New Englander who opposed the stricter Scotch-Irish Presbyterians. Dickinson was also the first President of Princeton University (though he died less than five months after his appointment to the position). But fewer students realize that Dickinson wrote several works, some of which were even reprinted in the 19th century. 

We have posted what we can find of Dickinson's writings here. You'll find a book of sermons on important doctrinal topics, a book vindicating the sovereignty of God, a collection of sermons and tracts that were published during his lifetime, and a series of letters he wrote on a variety of pastoral and theological issues. Happy browsing and reading!