The Covenanters in America

The Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America is descended ecclesiastically from the Church of Scotland. The first pastor affiliated with the Reformed Presbyterian of Scotland in America was Alexander Craighead (1707-1766). This writer recently visited the site of his pastorate in Virginia - Windy Cove Presbyterian Church in Millboro, Virginia. For an introduction into the history of the Covenanters in Scotland, see Robert Pollock Kerr (1850-1923)'s The Blue Flag, or, The Covenanters Who Contended For 'Christ's Crown and Covenant' (1905). To better understand the Covenanter Church's position on issues in 19th century America, see William Sommerville (1800-1876)'s The Social Position of the Reformed Presbyterians, or Cameronians (1869), and James Calvin McFeeters (1848-1928)'s The Covenanter Vision in America (1892). The issues that were important to 19th century American Covenanters are highlighted in these volumes. If you wish to understand their perspective on slavery, secret societies, worship, covenanting, the mediatorial kingship of Christ over all things, and many more topics of interest, these works will be of great interest. To understand the meaning of the motto "For Christ's Crown & Covenant" and the Blue Banner flag, see Kerr's most helpful book.