Church and State

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                                 - Political Fallacies: An Examination of the False Assumptions, and Refutation of the Sophistical Reasonings, Which Have Brought On This Civil War (1863)

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                                - A Discourse Delivered April 12, 1797, at the Request of and Before the New-York Society For Promoting the Manumission of Slaves, and Protecting Such of Them as Have Been or May Be Liberated (1797)

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- The Cause of the United States Against the Rebel Conspiracy, and the Cause of Jehovah, Identical (1861)
- The Curse of Meroz: or, The Curse of the Neutral or Hostile Toward the Complete Extirpation of the Great American Rebellion, Together With Slavery, Which Is Its Cause and Source, of Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-One and Sixty-Two: A Sermon (1862)

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                                                   - Civil Government: An Exposition of Romans 13:1-7 (1853)

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                                                   - The Sabbath: A Discourse on the Duty of Civil Government, in Relation to the Sanctification of the Lord's Day (1829)
                                                    - Prince Messiah's Claims to Dominion over all Governments; and the Disregard of his Authority by the United States, in the Federal Constitution (1832)
                                                    - An Address on West India Emancipation (1838)                                                  

Wright, Theodore SedgwickBrief Speech Addressing the Cruelties and Injustices of Slavery (1836)
                                                            - Speech Regarding Equal Opportunities for Both Black and White Races, the Cruelties of Slavery, and the Need for Christian Interaction in Race Relations (1836)
                                                            - Speech Given in Response to a Resolution Regarding the "Right of Free Discussion" Which was Being Threatened by Legislation (1836)
                                                           - Speech Regarding the Negative Effects of Prejudice on People of All Races in Terms of Self-Esteem Issues, and Educational and Moral Advancement (1837)
                                                           - Speech Given Before the Convention of the New York Anti-Slavery Society on the Acceptance of Their Annual Report with an Emphasis on the Tragedies and Injustices of Slavery (1837)
                                                           - Speech Made in Support of a Resolution that all Civil Liberties (including Religious, Literary, and Social Liberty) Should be Made Available to All Persons Regardless of Race (1837)
                                                           - Speech Given Before the New York State Anti-Slavery Society on the Acceptance and Adoption of the Annual Report with Emphasis Placed on the Efforts Toward Emancipation that the Society had Accomplished Since its Inception (1837)
                                                           - Speech Given During the Dedication of the First Free Church of Schenectady Celebrating the Establishment of a Place of Worship and a Small Basement School for Free People of Color in that City (1837)
                                                           - Speech Against the Idea of the Colonization of Africa by Freed Slaves and the Societies that have been Organized to Promote it (1838)
                                                           - The Colonization Scheme Considered (1840)

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                                                     - Collapse of Christless Civilizations (1918)

Wylie, Samuel Brown - The Two Sons of Oil; or, The Faithful Witness for Magistracy and Ministry (1803)