Daniel Baker reminds us what baptism is and why Presbyterians baptize infants.

"Water baptism is a sacrament or holy ordinance instituted by Christ. It is a lively emblem of spiritual baptism. It is a sign and seal of the covenant of grace; and implies that the subject is a sinful creature, needing to be cleansed, and that this cleansing is to be accomplished only by the application of the atoning blood of Christ, and the purifying influences of the divine Spirit...

Our argument is this: Infant membership formed a part of the original constitution of the visible Church of God. Infant membership has never been abolished, and therefore infants have a right to member ship still. Baptism has taken the place of the ancient initiatory or recognizing ordinance, and therefore infants are to be baptized. This is the ground which we take."

-- Daniel Baker, A Plain and Scriptural View of Baptism , pages 7-8