Have you missed any of these 57 Log College Press blog posts? Read them today!

Log College Press launched on July 4, 2017, and over the past two months we've written 57 short blog posts, pointing you to the writings of 18th and 19th century American Presbyterians. Lord willing, these posts will continue being published each day. For as we continue to populate the Log College Press website with more and more documents, there will be an unending supply of material to encourage you to check out. 

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8/30 - Are you looking for 19th century commentaries on the book of Revelation? Here are three.

8/29 - Even in 1864, parents thought catechizing was dry and difficult - so Jonathan Cross wrote these books.

8/28 - Jonathan Dickinson, early Presbyterian & first President of Princeton University, wrote a lot that we've forgotten about.

8/27 - What do Presbyterians believe? Read this short pamphlet by Archibald Alexander Hodge.

8/26 - Two tracts by Archibald Alexander

8/25 - Have you heard of Alexander McLeod Staveley? Here are a few of his sermons.

8/24 - Don't overlook these two 19th century commentaries on the Westminster Standards!

8/23 - Read the sermons of Samuel Stanhope Smith, President of Princeton University from 1795-1812

8/22 - If you've never heard of this Presbyterian missionary, you'll be thankful you saw this post!

8/21 - Negro Slavery Unjustifiable - by Alexander McLeod (1802)

8/19 - Two for one - Archibald Alexander's Systematic Theology lecture notes - written down by Charles Hodge!

8/18 - What did 19th century Presbyterian pastors tell their people about parenting? Read William Swan Plumer.

8/17 - Digital gold: B. B. Warfield's "On the Emotional Life of our Lord" and two Inaugural Addresses

8/16 - Late 19th century handbooks for busy Presbyterians in the pew

8/15 - How did Presbyterians in the first half of the 19th century think about the Lord's Day?

8/14 - Read the original source documents of Francis Makemie's stand for religious liberty here

8/13 - Henry Highland Garnet on when and where the demands of reformers will end (from 1865)

8/12 - James McDonald Chaney, the author of William the Baptist, wrote a sequel

8/11 - Works by Associate Presbyterians and Reformed Presbyterians coming soon to Log College Press!

8/11 - Some lesser known works by Gilbert Tennent...

8/10 - How should the pastor spend his time in the study? Read chapter 3 of Thomas Murphy's Pastoral Theology

8/9 - "Global missions is the powerhouse of local missions" - 1st General Assembly of the PCUS (1861)

8/8 - Have you heard of these 19th-century Presbyterian systematic theologies?

8/7 - The first African-American to speak in the US House of Representatives was a Presbyterian pastor!

8/6 - "The spirit of missions is the spirit of the gospel." James Henley Thornwell on the cross of Jesus and missions

8/5 - What was the mission of Jesus? What is the mission of the church? What is the mission of the minister?

8/4 - Is this the only 19th century Presbyterian to write a novel?

8/3 - A Missionary's Farewell - Why John Bailey Adger went to preach the gospel in Asia Minor

8/2 - William Swan Plumer's commentaries on Hebrews and Romans are as rich as his commentary on the Psalms.

8/1 - Another 19th century Presbyterian Biblical Theology - this one specifically on the OT

7/30 - What did a 19th century pastor want his motherless daughter to know as she set out in life?

7/29 - "There is a sense in which the preacher preaches himself" -- Joseph Ruggles Wilson

7/28 - Why do we remember the fathers and mothers of the faith? John L. Girardeau: "To magnify the grace of God."

7/27 - Presbyterians in South Carolina, do you know your church's history?

7/26 - The story of William Sheppard, African-American Presbyterian missionary to the Congo, is amazing.

7/25 - Why does Covenant Theology matter? A little known gem from John L. Girardeau

7/24 - The Practical Writings of Archibald Alexander

7/23 - Who can take the sinner's stead? Francis Smith Sampson on the necessity of the work of Jesus Christ

7/22 - There was a book on Biblical Theology in the 19th c. Presbyterian Church before Vos!

7/21 - What Do Presbyterians Believe About Baptism?

7/20 - Two key 19th century histories of the American Presbyterians Churches

7/19 - Should Christians raise children who love missions? Thomas Smyth says, "Absolutely. And here's what that means."

7/18 - Why should Christians care what the Bible says about the character and conduct of pastors? John Witherspoon answers.

7/17 - How did 19th century Presbyterians understand the history of the Presbyterian Church?

7/16 - A few biographies from which to select for your Lord's Day reading...

7/15 - Did Joseph Addison Alexander Ever Sleep?

7/14 - If You're Looking for Commentaries on the OT Prophets, Don't Miss These

7/13 - Does the 19th Century Have Anything to Teach Parents?

7/12 - The Works of Robert J. Breckinridge are Nearly Unknown But Still Affect Presbyterians Today

7/11 - The Sermons of Moses Hoge are Worth 15 Minutes of Your Day

7/10 - Are You Looking For Commentaries on the Gospels of Mark and Matthew?

7/10 - What Did a 19th Century African-American Think of Presbyterianism's Relationship to African-Americans?

7/8 - James Waddel Alexander on Earnest Preaching

7/8 - A 19th Century American Presbyterian Commentary on the Westminster Shorter Catechism

7/7 - Why is the Incarnation of Jesus So Glorious? William Swan Plumer Tells Us

7/5 – William Henry Foote’s Sketches of North Carolina and Virginia

7/4 – Why Log College Press?