19th Century Presbyterian Ecclesiology

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Among the many writers who have written Presbyterian church government, or the offices of the church, or the boundaries of church authority, are Charles Hodge, Robert Jefferson Breckinridge, Thomas Smyth, and John Lafayette Girardeau. Among the topics considered are:

  • the place of ruling elders, and deacons;
  • what is Presbyterian law as defined by church courts?;
  • what are the duties of church members?;
  • where can one find a collection of church acts and deliverances?;
  • and, what exactly is Presbyterianism? 

Here one can begin to investigate the question of whether the baptism of Rome is valid; here one can read ecclesiastical catechisms by Alexander McLeod and Thomas Smyth; and here one can review Samuel Miller's series of three published works on the office of the ruling elder. Here one can study Alexander Taggart McGill's treatise on church government; and much more.

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