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                               - The Literary Fountains Healed (1823)
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- A Sermon, Preached at Newark, October 22, 1823, Before the Synod of New Jersey, For the Benefit of the African School, under the Care of the Synod (1823)
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                              - The Excellency of Saving Faith (1791, 1801)
                              - Practical Uses From the Nature and Excellency of Saving Faith (1791, 1801)
                              - The Obligations of the Confederate States of North America to Praise God: Two Sermons (1781)

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- An Historical Discourse (Thanksgiving Sermon) (1825)
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- The Gospel the Wisdom of God: A Sermon Preached at Salem, February 14, 1827, at the Ordination of the Rev. John C. Cleaveland, as Pastor of the Tabernacle Church (1827)
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                                                      - The Great Commission: A Sermon (1870)

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                                                       - Social Knots Untied: A Series of Practical and Popular Sermons (1899)
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- Sermons to Young Men (1893, 1913)

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Wadsworth, CharlesA (Thanksgiving) Sermon Preached in the Arch Street Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia (1852)
                                        - Religion in Politics: A (Thanksgiving) Sermon (1853)
                                        - Politics in Religion: A Thanksgiving Sermon (1854)
                                        - America's Mission: A (Thanksgiving) Sermon (1855)
                                        - Thankfulness; and Character: Two Thanksgiving Sermons (1856)
                                        - The Feast of Harvest: A Thanksgiving Sermon (1858)
                                        - The Indispensableness of Early Religious Culture to the Permanency and Prosperity of American Institutions (1859)
                                        - The Joy in Harvest: A Thanksgiving Sermon (1859)
                                        - Our Own Sins: A Sermon (1861)
                                        - The Christian Soldier: A Sermon (1861)
                                        - A Call to Praise: A (Thanksgiving) Sermon (1868)
                                        - Sermons (1869)
                                        - Sermons (1882)
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- The Man for the Hour: A Sermon (1863)

Zubly, John JoachimThe Law of Liberty: A Sermon on American Affairs Preached at the Opening of the Provincial Congress of Georgia (1775)